Welcome to The Original ACHF, 1981,

Today is a day for reflection and for us to celebrate our traditions. Today, more than ever, we are reminded that our traditions are what bond us together as a clogging community and are what makes us unique. For 37 years our traditions have made us different as well as made us strong, today we are reminded that

We are The Original ACHF, 1981.

In recent weeks, several changes have occured in the clogging world; changes that have been shocking as well as extremely emotional for some. We are here to calm the minds of our membership as well as our clogging friends. The Original ACHF 1981 is as strong today, as it was ten years ago.

Our leadership is working diligently to bring our members the very best service we can offer. Our committees are filling up fast, our calendar is looking impressive and the Advisory Board is compiled of some of the most respected names in clogging. We believe that when everyone works together, we all can achieve more.

Coming together as a clogging community is more important now than ever before. If you believe in membership and the voice of the people, then The Original ACHF 1981 is definitely a place you will be able to call home.

Moving forward we are here to help you in any way possible. If you need assistance with routines, questions about rules, competition sanctioning, whatever your concern or need may be; know that we are here to help.

To our valued members, thank you for your continued support, love and perseverance. We look forward to seeing you all back at the Stompin’ Ground the first weekend in October as well as at the regional events leading up to the Big Show!

United as One, We are the Original ACHF 1981,

Stefanie Canady